1, The purpose of the Foundation is to promote peace in the world.


2, To achieve its purpose the Foundation organizes Borbone Royal Banquet Concerts in cooperation with local organizers in the hosting country.


3, Borbone Royal Banquet Concerts promote peace in the world by Prince Maestro Junsuke’s piano performance of Tchaikovsky, 44th Grand Duke Volkov's and 153rd Grand Duke Borbone's brother love, and by 152nd Grand Duchess Borbone’s mother love, to Prince Junsuke.


4, The Foundation offers invitations to attend the Borbone Royal Banquet Concert to individuals and organizations who give donations to support New Royal Diplomacy for peace in the world.


5, The donations are used to enable and expand the Foundation’s work for peace in the world, and to cover all the expenses involved in the work for peace in any country of the world.

This means that the donations are used to cover expenses that come from visiting a host country, expenses from arranging Borbone Royal Banquet Concerts in a host country, expenses pertaining to all meetings, events and other kinds of preparations that are necessary for organizing the Borbone Royal Banquet Concerts in an existing host country.

The donations are also used to cover the expenses that come from promoting peace in the world and planning a Borbone Royal Banquet Concert in a potentially new host country.