New Royal Diplomacy is established by the Royal Order of Three Lilies which is the most noble and sacred order of Borbone Royal House of Sicily and Russia.


The Royal Order of Three Lilies has been created to bring the peace into the world.

In this order, we do believe that the peace will come when we people change voluntarily ourselves, and do our best to live in a peaceful way that inspires other people to do their best to live in a peaceful way.

Therefore, the values of this order are three just like the Three Lilies;


1. Oneness

To live by oneness, the spirit of oneness meaning that we are all one in humanity.

We cannot separate ourselves from the rest of us.


2. Love

We are all part of guided by the love which is the one that brings the people together does not separate.

The love helps us to forgive and aspire to do our best.


3. Truth

We value very much in this order is the spirit of the truth.

We wish to work from our hearts, our sacred hearts being true to ourselves, respecting other people and being true to other person's view, idea, and their integrity.


This is the spirit of the Royal Order of Three Lilies.


The symbol of the lily means purity and authenticity.

When we work, speak, and think in the most pure and authentic way, we will gradually become better and more peaceful people, and this in turn will bring the peace to the world.

It takes a little while, but we are dedicated to working with ourselves, friends, and all who feel part of this family of sacred heart, of this order.