The Prince Junsuke Peace Foundation.


Founded by Borbone Royal Family of Italy and Volkov Imperial Family of Russia as commemorative project of revive royal and imperial relationship and start New Royal Diplomacy between Italy and Russia since 25th December 2015.

Borbone and Volkov Families disconnected after 1917 Russian Revolution.

However, one unique and young Prince Maestro of Borbone Royal Family of Italy met His Imperial Majesty the Grand Duke Sergey Nikolaevich Volkov of Russia in summer 2015.


His Royal Highness the Prince Maestro Junsuke Borbone of Sicily created new history for both families by just simple and pure way; his performance of Tchaikovsky and his personality, and also universal mother's love from Her Majesty Late Grand Duchess Tarja Vittoria Borbone of Italy.

As result, Borbone and Volkov Families decided revive family relations and start new relationship as "New Royal Diplomacy", in 25th December 2015.

We are sure and believe that we can promote the peace by this way, so we started Prince Junsuke Peace Foundation for promoting the peace in the world.


8th November 2016