New Royal Diplomacy is founded by the Royal Houses of Borbone in Sicily and Volkov in Russia, as commemorative project of revive their family relationship and start New Royal Diplomacy between Italy and Russia since December 2015.


The Royal Houses of Borbone and Volkov disconnected their family relationship by Russian Revolution in 1917.


Principe Maestro Junsuke di Borbone of Sicily met Don Sergei Nikolaevich di Volkov of Russia in July 2015, and created new history for both Royal Houses by his piano performance of Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker", and the spirit of "Love and Forgiveness" by Donna Emerita Tarja Vittoria di Borbone of Sicily.


As result, the Royal Houses of Borbone and Volkov decided revive their family relationship, and started new activity "New Royal Diplomacy" in December 2015.


We are sure and believe that New Royal Diplomacy is the one of the way to promote the peace in the world.